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I, too, love sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale. I was born and raised there, so it reminds me of all the great times I had growing up. I worked for a steamship company at one time, we sailed out of Port Laudania, but had to go to Port Everglades to clear our ships and crew. It was so awesome to see the cruise ships there. It's also fun to sail out of Miami when Chalk's Airlines is taking off right next to you ship. Last year, off of our balcony, was a beautiful rainbow. We could see both ends touching the water. I didn't see the pot of gold, but I know it was there. Leaving Trinidad, we had a school of dolphin swimming beside us as if they were leading us safely to the open sea. I love watching the sunrises/sunsets and especially love watching the brave pilots jump on board. Even though the muster drills are a pain in the petuti, they are fun to watch (as long as you have a full drink in hand). I love leaving on a sail/snorkel when you pass by the ship and realize just how huge she is. You're on a good size catamaran or sailboat and it takes so long to clear your ship, simply amazing. Our swim with the dolphins was probably the most outstanding tour we've been on, closely followed by the snorkel on Champagne Reef. All of the islands we've visited have their own special culture, feel, beauty, and topography. It's so interesting to me. Stepping on board any of the ships we've been on has been a wonderful experience and feeling. Walking around from stem to stern, finding all of the great places on board, taking in all the beauty of the interior/exterior, each unique and spectacular. These are just a few of my memories and I am truly blessed to have been able to have experienced them. Best wishes!