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Originally posted by f-mattox:
I don't know if I would go that far; some here say their laptop is a good way to organize and store their photos. Personally I don't like to waste time on that while on the trip.

Bkut for e-mail or internet there dosen't seem to be any advantage cost-wise or convenience-wise to bringing your own.

Sometimes all the computers in the library and internet room are taken. If you have your own lap top, you won't have to wait for a computer. Plus, all your internet favorites are easily accessible (less typing URL names!) which can actually save money! You'll also find some web sites are blocked by Princess -- maybe for a good reason For those of us that need to check-in with work, we need our own lap tops since they have the security software and programs needed to access our corporate networks.

It's a matter of choice, but I say lug the thing along! As Rick mentions, it's great to at least be able to transfer photos from your camera card to free up card space without paying Princess to burn them to a CD. As an added bonus, you can then use the Internet whenever you'd like without waiting on another line!