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I have one experience with vip check-in at tampa.we where not that impressed with preboading. is there a seperate waiting room for vips? or are we out there with everyone else like in tampa? and if i have a group of 6 others that are with me,can they check-in with us even though they are not vips.
I wasn't too impressed with the VIP check-in in Tampa either. That was two years ago though. I haven't cruised out of Miami for some time now and wasn't a VIP the last time I did, so I don't know about a separate room for VIP's.

I have heard varied accounts as to who can go through the VIP check-in with you. To the best of my knowledge the additional staterooms are supposed to have a minor child, or sharing the same Sail & Sign account. Again, I've heard varied accounts of this.