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If you are really carefull, you don't have to spend too much at all. Since you said you and your husband are drinkers, you might want to bring a bottle of your favorite with you in your luggage and splurge on one drink apiece at a bar each day. The average cost of a mixed drink is about $5.00 more or less and I think beer is about $3.50. If you are like my husband and I, we are not too big on souviener buying. Keep your buying at the ports to a minimal because of space and you never know what the next port will have!

One thing I have noticed on the 3 cruises we have been on: All the shops on board have these "clearance" sales the last night of the cruise. We always just browse the shops and if we find something we want, we ask if there are plenty in stock. Most times the answer is yes. Then we check back the last night and we have found some of the items on "clearance". Has anyone else noticed this??

We have found cruising is a very inexpensive way of vacationing and there are many ways to help keep costs down.

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