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yeah, its a bit scary that my dad could have been dragged out too, but he is a cop so i guess it is in his nature to was courageous for all the people to help, and too bad that they couldnt save him....i guess its hard to not panic when you feel the tide

it really is amazing how powerful the ocean on Long Island, and basically grew up in the ocean, and know how you can be in one spot, and then 30 seconds later you are many yards further out.....we would usually try to put out stuff (towels, etc) near a lifeguard stand so it was easy to we would swim for a bit, not paying attention, and then when it was time to come out you would walk towards the stand to find your stuff - only to realize that you had been swept down the beach and are actually a stand or two down from where you started.... fortunately being swept down the beach is just a bit annoying, as opposed to being swept out to sea
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