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Aruba is beautiful with beautiful people. I champion the cause when it comes to an island that I feel is unsafe but I will stand up for Aruba anytime. I live on the outskirts of Mountain Brook (where Natalie was from) and buzz about her still reverberates around the community to this day. To my knowledge, the "chapperones" on this ill-fated trip have yet to be charged with neglect. Case in point, you take a group of high school seniors to an island where they can drink freely and bad things will happen at some point. That being said, I, for one, find it a little disturbing that Beth Holloway is dating John Ramsey... the father of JonBenet Ramsey. Just a tad creepy for this Alabama citizen. Go to Aruba and have fun. It is unparalleled in it's beauty and second to none in tourist safety. Enjoy!!