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Hi All!

Can anyone give me the rundown on taxis for these ports??

This is our plan....any input on how to make it easier is appreciated! shore excursions...we are taking a cab from the ship to Doctors Cove Beach to hang out for the day. I have read to make deals with the cabbies for a round trip fare....and not to pay until they take you back to the ship...I just almost would seem impossible to find the same cab driver going and coming back! How do you do this and ensure it is the same cabbie?

In Grand Caymen....we are doing a private shore excursion and afterward the company said they would drop us off at the beach and we could cab it back or take a shuttle (or something of that sort) Any input on doing this or anyone ever done that before?

In Cozumel...we are cabbing it to Paradise Beach for the day to swim and snorkle. We need a cab there and one back. Does the same method apply as above for Jamaica? I need answers!!! I am worried about paying $4-$6 getting to the beaches....but with the cabbies knowing we HAVE to be back at the ship...I don't want them raping us for some ludacrous amount to get us back! (this happened to a friend of ours)

Any input or past experience expertise would be wonderful.

We leave in three days for Galveston.