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I am also a first time cruiser, but I've been around the world.

I have always been kinda shy of being stuck on a boat because I like to go "exploring" and making my own fun.

I figure you GOTTA see Atlantis and do a little gambling. WELL OK...... ALOT of gambling. I don't think we'll do Sting Ray city as i've read it gets kinda packed. I was reading that if you get on the first boat to CoCoCay that all of the rays and other fish will still be close to shore, so we plan on being on the first boat out there.

We are also gonna pack a couple of small boxes of cereal to "attract" the fish.

I'm a snorkeling junkie and if you plan on doing a bunch like I do, get yourself a Bouyancy Compensator "snorkeling vest". It sure makes things nice. You can just rest and float when you get a little tired. "Manual valve" they run anywhere from 29.99 to 59.99. Do a search and read about them if you've never tried them.

OK, I forgot.. Get some comfortable, slip on, kinda waterproof shoes to wear on the island. they are cheap and it will keep you from maybe getting your feet cut on rocks.

We got married in Key West. If you've never been there, Sloppy Joes is THE place to see "just to say you've been there in your latter years." That's where Hemmingway hung out. You can rent scooters near there also. You can go to the "Southern Most Point in The US" There's huge Bouy Looking marker there to get a picture. "don't let the Hobos take it, they are just looking for an easy buck for beer"

And of course The sunset at Mallory Square is world famous as are all of the vendors and Mimes and that type. Duval street is also a main stay with all of people looking at each other. That's the "Main drag" in Key West.

Hope to see you on board.
Chuck and Tonya