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Also of note, any of the often mentioned whale watching tours will show you whales most any time.

Most of last May, Orca Enterprises (Capt. Larry) had to run farther (along with the rest of the tours) than most regular tours to find any whales at all.

May whale watching really does come down to patience, although out of 28 tours last May, I don't think we were skunked at all...

Lately a BUNCH of folks have been asking me how to choose one tour operator over another since many of the tours are quite similar. I've come to the conclusion that the 2 easiest points to choose on are the personality of the tour operator (do you want a science lesson? a comedy show? a silent captain with a knowledgeable naturalist doing all the talking?) and the overall safety record of the operation. I'm not a fan of a boat that isn't formally or voluntarily inspected to earn a certificate or "5-Star" rating. Also, in Juneau, you can google the names of the operators, and search for the names in the Juneau Empire (local newspaper) for articles about accidents, successes, new tours, etc.

Happy Alaska Travels!
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