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I thought it might be fun to start a thread about dreams you've had that take place on a cruise ship.

Several months ago, I had a dream that I was on a cruise with my fiancÚ and we were walking to the dining room for dinner. I was wearing a beautiful gown and looking a glamorous movie star. We got separated at some point, and I found myself engaged in conversation in the dining room with... Bruce Willis. I remember him flirting with me like mad and I was so, so flattered... but I felt guilty because I had a feeling that my fiancÚ wouldn't approve. The funny thing is that I have never had any sort of celebrity crush on Bruce Willis, or even found him particularly attractive. I have no idea why he would show up in my cruise dream! I must admit, however, that ever since I had that dream, I have developed a "thing" for Bruce.

Most of my other cruise dreams have not been enjoyable. Several times a year I have horrible dreams about my cruise ship sinking, or tipping over on its side in a storm and people falling into the water.

What about you guys? Anyone want to share?