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Her quirky thing is she loves to have us use the dustbuster on her! It's nice, too, because it removes hair while she is getting her massage.
Nadine, I wish Sampson was like that, especially during shedding season. When I bring the vacuum out he acts like it is his mortal enemy and runs like the dickens. He doesn't like any loud noises. We have fireworks every Monday night at Barefoot Landing during the summer at 10:15 pm. He runs and hides behind the commode in the hallway bathroom. I "think" he thinks it is a thunder storm because he does the same thing when one comes. He finally (13 years) got used to the jets flying over real low while landing or taking off and they don't bother him now. The pet sitter has at the top of her list of instructions to leave the hallway bathroom door slightly open in case he wants to seek shelter there.

In a way it is sorta funny. The news media tells us to go to a central location when storms come. He does that by instinct.
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