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Normally, I wouldn't think of spending extra to have a balcony as I wouldn't plan on being the cabin much anyway, but I'm wondering if it's worth it for Alaska?

I've read most Alaska cruise sellers say it's definitely worth it, but I've read other places it's not worth it.

I would think the best view on cruising days is up top where you get a much broader view. My concern is that the upper decks will be piled high with people - I'm a short person so this can be problematic if I don't have a rail spot.

I guess my questions:

1. Are the upper decks 3 or 4 deep with people while cruising Glacier Bay, College Fjord, etc?

2. Are there good covered spots on the decks if it's a rainy day (I guess this depends on ship though.)

3. For those who have cruised Alaska before, what are your thoughts on was the balcony worth it or did you miss the balcony if you didn't splurge for it?

One of the cruises I'm considering has only one full day doing scenic cruising, another has 3. I would think if I choose the one with only 1 day it's not worth it, but the more days at sea, the better value it is?