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There's always more to a story than the average person sees. And all of us were left to draw our own conclusions based on what we observed and the way we were treated. But try out this theory....

If Celebrity wanted to work in the best interests of its customers, why not let them stay of the ship until flights could be arranged for them to get out of Acapulco? There was nothing wrong with the ships power, water, waste systems. There was obviously enough food and water on board for everyone since it was about to sail straight to San Diego that night. However the ship left port (for where-ever it went) the moment our group was let off.

I think the obvious answer is money, since a docked ship doesn't generate income. The subsequent cruise for INFINITY had already been cancelled by the time we found out what was going on which was going to cost the cruise line millions, plus dry-docking the ship to repair it.
So the sooner it was underway, the better it was for the company. The downside of all this is that it's the customer that really suffers through this whole event....and that's the person paying the tab. I can accept that things break, and that cruises can get cut short due to unforseeable circumstances. But its those 'crisis management plans' that companys have that are supposed help smooth over the rough spots. I also agree that Celebrity acted in the bests interests by cutting the cruise short. If the boat won't go, whattya going to do? However, after you make that decision you better have a plan in place to deal with the fallout.

Celebrity did, and had the best of intentions, however it was not handled propery. An operation of that size, to handle 2000-passengers, takes time to organize and execute. Celebrity knew the airport couldn't handle that many people at once. They knew they didn't have enough flights to get everyone out at once. I believe that Celebrity did what they did because the financial clock was ticking and they needed to get the boat fixed and put back in service. I consider that to be backwards thinking since it takes the customer out of the equation. I considered myself fortunate in the sense that I'm in my 40's in good health. I can't begin to imagine what some of those seniors had to go through. There was lots of 'walkers' and wheelchairs on that cruise....

There's a saying in retail that one unhappy customer will tell ten friends about their experience. Imagine if only half of the 2000-guests on this cruise tell their tale.... Celebrity's plan was poorly executed.

Maia, to answer your original question, all guests were provided a 25-percent refund, however they cut the cruise short by roughly 25-percent.

We were also offered 25-percent off on our next Celebrity cruise. My initial impression is that isn't enough compensation for what we were put through.

I'll cruise again, and I may even go with Celebrity again, since the first ten-days were grand. But the only thing I remember right now is standing in that Acapulco airport for 6-7 hours, on my vacation. It sucked. Hope your parents got home alright.