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Originally posted by mikes01:
Thank you for getting back to me.
I do not know much about HAL. Are the shows good?, is there strictally sit down eating (no buffet style) and 2 of the 7 nights are dress formal (suits etc) the other 5 nights you have to have khakis etc?
Thanks again,

We enjoy HA a great deal. the Lido is where the buffet is each night. We ate there on two of the nights as for this trip we decided not to do the formal. It is the same food as you will have in the dining room and the main course is actually brought to your table. In addition. the salad bar is very good and I enjoy creating my own. The entertainment as previously noted is an indiviual thing. My family enjoys the participation shows which you can take part in. The cruise line does what it can to provide good entertainment from morning till night!