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Dave, that coffee sounds horrible
The coffee was the color of mud.

I know you eat chili for breakfast, but I am just not a European style breakfast fan. The continental breakfast was included with our rooms. Cold cuts, slices of cheese, croissant with tomato and cheese in it, etc. I ate it but I would have preferred something else. Cultural differences in foods served at various meals are often funny. Some old-time southerners ate fried chicken for breakfast and couldn't believe some people ate it for supper.

Ironically, I had the full English Breakfast earlier in that week and I really got into it - beans, funky blood sausage (black pudding), fried bread, eggs, all of it. I even had the brown sauce (HP sauce) to dip my sausage in.

I've noticed RCI putting most of the components for the English breakfast out at the Windjammer for a few years now. I just wish they'd work on their sausage gravy and biscuits. It is horrid. That is a favorite breakfast of mine, covered with lots of black pepper. Yum Yum!