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Sonny your post brought to mind the different acronyms through the different lines. They all seem to have their own terms and language. Crown and Anchor, Captains Club, Captains Circle, Mariner, Latitudes among a couple dozen more are all past passenger clubs, some call them "Society" instead of club. Then you get to the credits and future cruise stuff and they all have different terms as well, (FCC) Future Cruise Credit, (NCB) Next Cruise Booked, the list goes on and on. No matter how long I'm in this gig and no matter how long I cruise, I don't think I'll ever get them all straight in my head. I wish they go to a generic term like just plain old Past Passenger number and Past Passenger Club. That'll never happen with all the marketing and brand identification stuff they love so much. Sure would make it easier to keep track of it all though. I'm notorious for calling Princess and asking for their Crown and Anchor Desk or a dozen other oops things. They normally just laugh.

Cheers, Neil