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My husband (30 yrs old) played on the Texas Holdem tournament in the Diamond and Golden. Yeah, i don't think that they won't have it on the Emerald.
When i was on the Coral, I remember that my friend and I bought the 'spa pass' for the duration for the cruise (over 100 dollars) to use the sauna, the heated beds, etc. I hated paying extra but since we did pay, we used it extensively and was worth it. Otherwise, the use of the spa facilities was limited for those booked with spa appointments such a massage. We thought it would be nice to use the adult spa pool to get away from the kids. Little did we know we were the youngest on that cruise! We were both 30 yrs old, we were told the average passenger age on the 21d Panama cruise was in the 70's! Imagine that!

Hope that helps!
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