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Originally posted by f-mattox:
That's a nice spacing. My three sons are 8 years apart; 24, 32, and 40; and to anticipate the usual next question, yes! Same wife.

I wish they had been closer together in age so they could have done more things together as brothers. But they are very close as adults, as is the whole family, and for that I thank God daily.

So Grandpa Ken, how does it feel? Is there anything better? My most recent is 6 months now and he smiles when he sees me and my wife--if that dosen't melt your heart! And our middle son and the eight year old twins are due Saturday for a 2 weel visit, I think it's about time to think about a cruise with them.

Whew! Back on topic and not a minute too soon.

When I come to the door to see my grandkids, they holler in unison "Grampa!" Just about the nicest welcome I have ever known.

Thread conscious, we enjoyed our family cruise with my first grandchild in 2004, and as much as I enjoy meeting new folks, (as in table mates), we had a wonderful time as a family. I highly recommend it!