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Hi Crayb, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry to hear your room was hot, but I'm sure the ship was full or they would have switched you to another cabin. We never had any trouble with the buffet only having hot dogs and hamburgers. There's also an area that you can get some killer corned beef/rye sandwiches towards the bar area (aft). Sure wish you would have tried some of their deli sandwiches there, they were yummy. The food in the dining room was very good, too. I was bummed because there were no balcony cabins on the Holiday, only suites, but for a short cruise it was fine. I liked the Holiday because it brought back memories of what cruising used to be, the elevators were definitely a hoot However, we normally use the stairs anyway (trying to burn off some of the additional calories).

As Cruise Fantatic stated, Carnival cruise lines has nothing to do with Princess. They are totally different entities. When I first heard the news, I too thought that Princess would become more like Carnival. Princess is still Princess, and is still our favorite line. Please don't think that the two are the same and not take your cruise on Princess. We sailed on the Royal this past December/January. She was a small ship, but we really enjoyed her. We've also sailed on the Emerald and Caribbean Princess, two of their largest ships. Both sizes have their pros and cons.

We do hope you will post more often on our site. Please, if you have questions, let our members try to answer them before your cruise. We sure want your experiences to be pleasant Best wishes!