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Good old Grayline. Years ago, after being pressured by one of their saleswomen telling me there was limited availability, I booked a Grayline transfer from Anchorage to Seward. The price was $30 one-way. The gal told me it was the only way to get to Seward and that I had to leave early in the morning to make the ship. She completly misrepresented the truth and basically cheated me out of my money.

When I discovered the alternatives (I ended up taking the train, much nicer and it takes a different route than the road to Seward allowing one to see quite a bit of wildlife) I called to cancel the one-way transfer on Greyline.

I was told that the reservation was non-refundable. I was so irritated that I wrote a letter to Grayline in Anchorage with out so much as a response.

Of course, I would rather walk now than ever give any Grayline company a penney of my money and I share the experience with everyone I can so they will not be cheated by what appears to be a company that does not value the power of unsatisfied customers.

In Seattle, take a taxi if you are going straight to the port. It is much more convenient that the milk run Grayline offers.