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She said there are no workers on the ship from Mexico. I wonder why since the pay there is really low. While in Mazatlan we asked a hotel manager about the pay the landscapers made. He said they are paid 60 pecos a day. That is $6.00 per day! This would be a golden job for them.

Well thare are some mexicans. During my time with NCL I worked with a few mexicans. However, they are not many, I'm not sure for what reason, but I think it could be that not many agencies are represented n Mexico.

During the later years crew from eastern european countries have increased drastically and in the hotel dept they are more and more taking over from for example filipinos because of the salaries.

The salaries are paid in USD and because of that people from a lot of countries, including my own, lose a lot of money when converting. Since I left NCL the value of dollars have dropped somewhere between 40 and 50%. This is the reason I left as well. As much as I really loved working for NCL I just couldn't afford it anymore. From when I started in july 2000 until I left in 2003 I had lost 30% of my salary. And since I come from a high cost country I'm also depending on a decent salary, which I had when the exchange rate was unnaturally high.

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