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Just an update destiny changed it's destinations my wife and i went on Sept 1st for 7 day cruise
it was wonderful they went to St. Thomas Martinique, barbados, and aruba with two days at sea before and after aruba

each night you recieve a ship's news letter that tells you about the next days port and a map as well as a list of shore excursions you can sign up for we saved all the newsletters and I took some photos with my digital camera i took mostly video footage.

St thomas is beautifal shopping bonanza we went on a shopping tour the shops all seemed to have similar clothes but the prices were very different so if you like to bargin hunt that is the tour for you. the water is gorgeous there i have a few shots from the top a large hill

Martinque is a french country so be prepared for bad accents. the port is a busy sea port not much tourist stuff there just cabs lining up to take you away. avoid downtown if you can the people aren't the friendliest. we took an island tour
it was nice it was listed as 3 hours it took 5 hours we got on the boat with 20 minutes before departure. but the tour was wonderful we saw the rain forest and a church and a rum distillery tour. beatiful flowers and plants bring local money all the stops were locals and didn't take travelers cheques we forgot to cash them before we left our fault american cash will work to.

Barbados beautiful shopping complex at the port
lots of friendly people a side note however no camoflague is allowed to be worn on barbados
not sure what that was all about but the ship personell told it was illegal. we took a cab $6
to a local bay and went swimming all prices are in local money so just divide the price in half and that is what it costs in american money
we went swimming. warm water calm waves.
a local on a jet ski stopped on shore talked with us got to know us asked if we wanted to go on a ride we refused and he talked a little more and then said goodbye and went on to the next couple
very friendly man not pushy or anything.

More later