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Kmathi, I wouldn't be concerned at all. We've sailed Costa 4 times and I wouldn't hesitate to sail again. Yes, most of the crew is foreign, but so are most ships. The "average" passenger will not be Italian, they will, however, probably have children. Costa typically has a lot of children on board, probably because they have some great promotions for children going free or at a greatly reduced fare. All announcements are made in 5 languages, you will have to go through muster with your life jackets on through all the languages. That's the only thing I can say negative about the cruise line. Even though the crew may not speak English well, they certainly will try. A smile and a please or thank you, goes a long, long way. I would cruise on them more often, if they were doing different routes or were here for a longer period of time. If you go with an open mind, you'll have one of the best cruises ever. Their ships are beautiful, too! When you leave port, they play "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. They have toga night, they have tours of the country food/wine tastings. Personally, to me, they're a fantastic value cruise. Don't compare them to other lines, they offer their own product. People mistake the lack of response to arrogance, they're not, they just may not be able to communicate. Again, a smile and a please goes a long way. Yelling and demanding, doesn't work. Here's a link to our cruise pictures on the Mediterranea (Costa), if you care to look. Best wishes!