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I have just seen this on two other groups... I do not think it is a joke but I have no positive confirmation of it right now... We will find out soon if it is true, I am sure.

If it is... THREE CHEERS FOR NCL... I hope it all works as planned!!! Until we find out for sure, I am holding my breath as I simply cannot believe this! I wrote an April Fool's joke about such a scenario only a couple of weeks ago !

NCL acquires United States, Independence

In a startling move, Norwegian Cruise Line has acquired the vintage ocean liner S/S United States as well as the S/S Independence and plans to refurbish both ships for cruise operations.
NCL said it will convert the 1950-built United States into a modern vessel that will likely offer mainland US itineraries ‘where cruise products are currently not available.’ The refurbishment of the hull and superstructure will be done at US shipyards with the outfitting completed overseas.

‘The ship is a classic, she was built in America and is eligible to operate in domestic service under existing law and regulation,’ said NCL president and ceo Colin Veitch. ‘The S/S United States would be a phenomenal addition to our US flag operation down the road.’ Veitch said NCL remains focused on completing Project America for Hawaii, ‘but we will now organize a project team to work with US yards, naval engineers and architects to develop plans for what should be the fourth vessel in our US flagged fleet.’

On her maiden voyage, the United States set an unbroken record by crossing the North Atlantic Ocean in three days, 10 hours and 42 minutes. Her service speed exceeded 35 knots and she was rumored to be capable of 50 knots.

NCL also said it had purchased the Independence from the US Maritime Administration at auction, saving her from almost certain scrapping. The company said the potential addition of the Independence as a fifth vessel in its US-flag operation is being evaluated.