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Niel- Welcome back. Hoe did the cruise go?
Penny3333/TrvlPro- We always use Cruise Connection to get to the port. It costs us $70 per person r/t vs driving costs + tolls + parking which I think is $15 per day. Our friend takes us to the bus stop & & we sit back & watch a movie along the way.
The problem arose today when I made reservations for a trip & they called me to let me know that Princess hadn't told them about the Island Princess arriving at the port on Nov 6. I suppose I was the first person to make reservations. Cruise Connection contacted Princess & straightened thinks out. Since we'll be one of only two ships in that day I doubt if they'll run a full size bus unless they do have a full load. Usually they drop people off all around the port & not just at one ship. They possible might only send out a van if they can't fill the bus. At the cost of diesel fuel these days they couldn't possibly break even with 1/2 load. We'll see.