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Hi Everyone,

Is there anyone out there that is interested in a private tour of Mazatlan? I found many excellent reviews on the various cruise boards regarding this gentleman named Frank. I contacted him regarding a city tour. For those who have been to Mazatlan before, this is basically the Colonial Villages tour.
If I can get at least a couple more people to join us the price is $45 per person and he accepts American $. The ship charges $52 and they do NOT include lunch. The tour is 6 hours leaving us plenty of time for other activities.

Frank would pick us up at the ship in his air conditioned van.

The tour consists of:
1. Tour of brick making at one families ranch.
2. Drive to Concorida to see tiles being made
3. Stopping at a bakery for delicious pastries
4. Going to a furniture making factory
5. Stop for lunch at a resturant

I did this same tour (via ship shore excursion) without the lunch last year while I was on the Vision of the Seas. It was WONDERFUL, very interesting and informative. The drive through the countryside and down by the ocean is amazing. If there is another tour you like please let me know, I believe my husband and I would be flexible to change.

We will be in Mazatlan on Thursday, Oct 7. Here's Frank's website. You can e-mail me privatetly with questions @