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Very nicely stated, Penny3333.

One of my fondest memories of a cruise was the night my whole family--mom, dad, brother, sister in law, my wife, two boys, my wife's sister and her husband, and my mother in law took a formal picture on the Grandeur of the Seas. It was everyone's first cruise (7/2005), except for my wife and me. That same trip, my parents (78 and 84 years) saw their conservative son (at least they believed him to be), wearing a woman's bra over a somewhat barrel, definitely naked, chest, in my rubber ducky underwear, carrying a purse, with my size 11 feet jammed into my mom's size 6 shoes. We had just won RCCL's The Quest and parading around the lounge was required. They thought it was a riot. Up until my mom's passing three months later, she spoke fondly of that cruise, "a vacation of a lifetime" she stated over and over, and when she talked about The Quest, laughed until she cried.

Hubbard Glacier calving, the Mayan ruins just outside of Progresso, and the pure beauty of the water in the Caribbean. Seeing the shores of Cuba was another highlight, don't ask me why.

Sailing out of San Pedro past the Federal Correctional Institution, Terminal Island, and yelling "Hi Bobby," a friend of mine who went a little south of the law.