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[QUOTE]Originally posted by billybuzzy:
Eddieg24 - Often, when we have been in an unfamiliar place we stop and speak with the local constabulary. As long as you are not in a third world country they will usually steer you along to to a reliable driver/guide who speaks your native language!
In Cherbourg Americans are treated very well-You might not want to leave-It's a great city!!
My suggestion-Ask a Gendarme for help/assistance! Be sure to set the fare with your guide in advance, try to avoid paying in advance, check to ensure you have the proper currency in an amount sufficient to pay and tip generously!
You'll have a blast!

Bon Voyage,


Once I get off the boat I assume theere will be a slew of drivers offering tours. How would I determine who is reliable? Do I just walk up to a police officer and ask or are there others who can recommend specific drivers or tour services that are likely to be at the port. With the better conversion rate bewtween the dollar and Eurto it is looking more and more likely that I will be taking a tour with my party of four.