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I am in cabin 1566. Standard balcony. I believe we all got the same level (well, except perhaps for some of the media elites).

Food has been nothing short of spectacular. I've been blown away by it. Easily the best I've had on Celebrity since the days when Chandris owned the line - and perhaps even better than that.

This is a lovely ship. Penny you will really like your Solstice cruise. Trust me. One reporter told the CEO that Celebrity has essentially made another level of cruising within their brand - the Solstice class and then there is the rest of the fleet.

The internet has been mostly better today. I've kept a wi-fi signal most of the day.

One thing I don't like about the cabin is the closet. Bad location right next to the bed and hard to access. Big storage areas over the bed but again, you can't get to them easily. Nice bathroom though. The "5 ladies" they used for input on cabin design had an impact. I was wondering what that bar in the shower was for (shaving bar). Funny thing - the cabin door opens outward. Not used to that but I like it. No more someone entering the room just as someone else is exiting the bathroom and the doors hitting.