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Just returned last week after a week on the Victory. Magen's Bay is a "pay-per-use" area at $3.00 per person! Lovely but expensive and crowded.

Find Grace (Taxi driver - black woman with red streaks in her hair red full size van in St. Thomas) and she'll recommend Saphire Bay hands down! She took us to Magen's Bay (grumbled the whole time about paying as they charge the taxi drivers to drop off ($l.00) and to stay and wait for their people ($5.00!!!)

Coki Beach has BEST snorkelling. Taxi Drivers will pick you up at pre-arranged times. They don't want you too miss the boat either. Grace took us on an impromtu tour of the island for the price of the cab fair! $6.00/ person is reasonable considering she is a fountain of info. Downtown Charlotte Amalie (pronounced Am Ollie) is a bore of nothing but jewellery stores and liquor stores. Nothing interesting. Hit the beaches.

The "See and Sea" tour of St. Maarten was terrific. Check out the prow of the ship for flying fish!

San Juan was awful. Dark, dingy, chains and padlocks. Won't go back there ever again.