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I am going to politely disagree with the last post and explain why. We think using a HoHo bus in Nice is a waste of money and time! We say this having been to that city more then 6 times on cruises and also having stayed there in a hotel (The Meridian) for several days. The reason we do not like a HoHO here is that there are primarily two neighborhoods that are visited by most tourists and they are within walking distance of each other! One area is the so-called Promandade which is the street that runs along the water (the Negresco Hotel and the Meridian are both on this route) which makes for a nice stroll. The other area (our favorite) is the old town neighborhood which should thrill mother and daughters since this area if full of cute shops and cafes. In fact, we love Nice old town so much that last year when we were docked in Monte Carlo we immediately jumped on a bus to Nice to get there in time for the morning Flower Market and then stayed for lunch (the fish soup they serve in Nice is one of my favorite French dishes). The thought of viewing Nice (or most towns) through a bus window is not my idea of fun and my wife and I are saving those buses for when we are in our 90s and can no longer use our legs.