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I love cruising because I feel like a celebrity whenever I'm board a cruise ship (without the downside of anyone harassing me!). For me, the dining room is sort of a microcosm of the whole cruising experience. The staff bends over backwards to accommodate you, even to the point where they get a bit "pushy" about it. (But don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining!) If my waiter at dinner sees that I haven't eaten much of my meal, s/he insists upon bringing me something else that I might like more. If I clean my plate, they insist upon bringing me ANOTHER plate. If I can't decide between 2 items, they insist that I get both... and then 2 desserts! I know it's their job, but the crew seems genuinely pleased to "pamper" you from the time you get on the ship to the time you get off. It seems like there are so many rude people working in the customer service industry these days, and it so refreshing to feel respected and even appreciated when you're on a cruise.

And as far as what SFC said, I am only in my early 20's but I couldn't agree more. I really enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere on a cruise. I love dressing up every evening, truly "dining" in the dining room, going to a show, then having a martini out on the deck while stargazing and watching the waves. I don’t have those opportunities in “real life,” and for a very affordable price I can live like the upper crust for a week. Some folks stay in their bathing suits for a week straight and hit up the buffets for every meal, and that’s fine too. That’s what’s great about cruising—it can be whatever you make it to be!