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Another couple of things that I'd like to add, is if you're flying, DON'T lock your luggage any longer. If the luggage is locked, they'll take bolt cutters to the locks. With the cruise lines, you are also not allowed to bring nail clippers, nail files, etc., in your carry on luggage. It's allowed in checked in baggage. This makes no sense to anyone. Our friend whose a travel agent, had her nail clipper removed last year. If you plan on doing much traveling, passports are the way to go. We carry them even flying around the country. Birth certificates MUST have a raised seal, and not just certified. We just took a cruise last month, and someone was being denied passage in the check in counter next to us. They had passports, so don't know what the problem was. Have a great time and enjoy. Security is a lot more visible while on the ship itself.