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We had the misfortune to need the use of the medical center on the Ruby last year while in the Med. Four of the five of us got the norovirus and the fifth got H1N1. I can't say enough good about the care we received. Medication, medical staff checking on us 3-4 times a day, asthma inhaler given to us at no charge, one of us had to be re-hydrated by IV twice, blood tests, flu tests, X-box and movies sent to our cabin for the sick 11 year old, etc. Total medical bill was $300. Dr. Fred even signed tour vouchers so we would not be charged for $1000 worth of shore excursions that were just too active for my 85 year old mother.

The treatment was excellent. Dr. Fred and his staff knew us by name and were very caring. Where else could you get either a doctor and/or nurse stopping in to see you twice a day and calling two more times each day?