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While it is true that you save money by booking the excursions yourself....if someone is not comfortable doing this...then saving the money is not worth it.

Both ports are very "user friendly". We have done them many times. But again, do what is going to be most comfortable for you!!

St Thomas: If you are into snorkeling, Coki Beach is where everyone goes. If you are into just "beach", then I have read Megan's Beach is one place to go. Both are a simple taxi drive away and we have never had a problem getting a taxi back.

We were just on the Victory for her last New England/Canada run and had a blast. DJ Kyle in the disco ROCKS! He had to fill in at karaoke the week we were on board and we all fell in love with him. "We" being all us 50 year old women.... He now knows me as his "cruise Mom"!!!

Peter Kraft will be in the Piano Bar and he is awesome as well. A little on the shy side but EXTREMELY and GENUINELY NICE!!!

Have a great cruise!!!