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This is a question for those of you who use a C-PAP machine; and took such a C-PAP machine with you on a cruise (or know someone who did):

Yes, I have been diagnosed with OSA and consequently be given a C-PAP (actually a Bi-PAP) machine. I was wondering if the water on a cruise ship is OK to use with my Bi-PAP machine? I already am bringing along some of my steam distilled water which I normally use in my Bi-Pap; just in case. This will be the first time I will be bringing along my Bi-Pap on a trip (cruise or not).

I like to use distilled water since it leaves no hard water residue in the water reservoir of my Bi-Pap. Maybe a cruise ship's water is obtained from desalanating sea water? If so, it too will be the same water as I use normally in my Bi-Pap (distilled).