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I've never been on a cruise where I looked at what other people were wearing and said "ya know, I just can't live it up anymore tonight because I don't like what those people are wearing."

I really hate it when this topic comes up (again, and again, and again, and...) because it always ends up with two camps. One side thinks everyone needs to dress up because they do. And then my camp which says you do your thing and I'll do mine as long as we comply with the dress suggestions issued by the cruise line. Meanwhile, it doesn't seem to matter that Carnival says dress shorts (long) are perfectly acceptable on cruise casual evenings. You know, years ago every night on a ship was formal dress. Perhaps we should revert to tuxedoes and gowns for every night, no exceptions. I wonder how that would go over with the target cruise audience? But then that is the bottom line. The cruise lines adapt the policy to their target audience.

I feel safe in saying it won't get much more casual and we won't be seeing men in speedos asking for another serving of lobster.

I will also say that for those who don't know, the dining rooms with the highest level of service and true 5-star cuisine are on ultra-premium ships that don't even have formal nights.

If you look forward to dressing up at night then please do so. I'll be following Carnival's dress suggestions all next week, shorts (long) included.