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Cruisenboy2 -- I am working with a travel agent. I am very much a researcher & I found the cheapest price. I talked to 2 different travel agents went to 6 different cruise Web sites, looked at expedia, travelocity, orbitz, etc. I booked through Mann Travel. My travel agent told me himself that it would be cheaper to book the plane tickets on-line. Guess what!!! They were. Our tickets cost $500 total for both of us to fly -- the cruise line / travel agent was going to charge $500 each person. The reason for this post -- which I don't feel was a waste of time, was to get others opinions on flights. Because I like having information from different resources. In the end I took what I was told from the post above -- that actually answered my question, picked a flight, called my travel agent and he confirmed that it was a good idea for the same reason as the post above. I don't think it was a bad idea to ask on these boards, It definately didn't hurt.