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I totally understand. We have temporary custody of our granddaughter who is now two and a half. We had the opportunity to check out Triumph's Camp Carnival WHEN NO ONE WAS THERE because we hope to use it this fall. It was like getting through Fort Knox and all we wanted was a quick look-see and to buy a youth-size robe. I can tell you we got only a quick glance and that was it. No one is getting in there unless they're allowed. I compare it to a hospital nursery - your child has a tag and you have a tag - you get that as soon as you embark not even when you're JUST in Camp Carnival. You are also traveling at a great time - schools are back in session so that means less kids in Camp Carnival. Try it once, see how it goes. If it goes well, then you know you'll use it again and again - at least to allow yourselves some respite time. From reading CC's information, it sounds like they have even revamped it, to make it even more secure and to break down the age groups even more since we cruised in October 2007. You may even see a more mature child when your cruise disembarks, maybe even a more personable child. If your child is personable already, you may have a future cruise activities director on your hands!
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