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Welcome to cruise-chat.

I've tended to split my cruises between Carnival and Royal Caribbean for the past few years. They are more alike than different when it comes to the fundamentals such as service, food, entertainment.

It should be noted that reports indicate Carnival is now spending more money per passenger on food than Royal Caribbean is, and I can tell you that based on my just-completed cruise on the Carnival Elation, I can see the difference. I was highly impressed by the dining room food on Carnival. Some of the best I've had in years, on any cruise line.

Carnival is less into nickel-and-diming. They still do it of course, but to a lesser degree.

I see you have the Carnival Spirit listed in your signature lines. The Spirit class ships are regarded by many cruisers as the best ship design in Carnival's fleet, and also the most elegant ships they have. That is my opinion too, and I think you'll be pleased.