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I have been on the water taxi in Nassau...ONCE. on Feb 7, 2007. I remember it because it was the day Anna Nicole Smith died.
we got on the taxi because it was a new experience. we had been to Nassau the year before and wanted to do something a bit different so on the water taxi we got.
OH MY..they guided us to the lower section of this death trap...started filling it up with people, and more people and still more people, they kept telling us to slide together so they can get more people in, I was terrified. I should have followed my instincts and gotten off but I didnt want to cause a problem...When we finally left the dock area we were riding so low in the water I was afraid we would sink as we left...Never again will I put myself in a situation like that, or allow anyone that i can influence to board those death traps. It will happen, but certainly not with me on board .
I would never comment on anything that I didnt know personally...that would be so totally wrong. As wrong as questioning if I had ever been on the water taxi.