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Hi Agent 007, we haven't sailed on the Fortuna but have sailed on the Magica and the Mediterranea. We really enjoy Costa. The cabins are large, well layed out, and the ships are very clean. They do have horse races. I didn't see tea, but that doesn't mean they didn't have it, I just didn't look for it. They still have toga nights and it's great fun. They did do the around the world night on both of our cruises. It was great fun, and good food. They did not do the towel animals on either of our recent cruises. They did have an adult only pool, but they didn't enforce the rules as well as they should have. Costa is big on family. Be sure and try some gelato, it's yummy! Didn't mean to jump in, but did want to welcome you aboard! Also, to let you know that we were very satisfied with Costa.