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I am preparing to go on my first cruise and i do not like the idea of automatic or 'required" tipping. there are 5 of us going as they want a tip for each of us including my 4 year old! I hope they wipe her butt when she comes out of the bathroom for that much money. We will probably do the automatic thing with carnival but only because it is less hassle and i feel bullied into paying a set tip amount... I worked service jobs for years and i resent that I their "tip" has already been decided and I haven't even stepped foot on the ship. i know people stiff and they have to get paid..but if you give good service it balances out in the long run. I think this sets up laxness in the staff...I mean hey why bend over backwards if your going to get a tip either way. I'll get off my soap box now I just always considered a tip a reward for doing a good job. if its going to be set why don't they just charge more for the their workers more and drop tipping all together.

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