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Originally posted by Dwayne:

Yes I'll say hi to your daughter from Dixie! I'll ask Risa which one she is. I used to have a calico her name was Lucy. She lived to be 12 and then got something wrong with her liver. I still miss her. She loved to make biscuits (flex her paws) on my stomach like Gary's Bubba.

To post a picture you need to have a picture hosting account at one of the picture sites. I use WebShots because it is free. You can then link to the picture. Use the third tab from the right on in the reply window and copy and paste the link there.
I talked with her this last port call. The cast change will not take effect until after Oct 9, so you will not see her on stage. But she will be on board, and possibly doing bingo and library and embarkation. The new cast will take the stage 2 weeks later when rehearsals are complete. Any dancer, social host, or the CD should be able to give her a message. She will always be wearing the Carnival name plate with her name and NH USA. Hope you can at least say hi.
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