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Little background: My husband and I will be taking the Mexican Riviera out of Los Angeles on the Golden Princess in October. This will only be our second cruise, as we took a weekend cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada over 4 years ago on Carnival. We are excited to be getting the chance to get on bigger cruise ship this time. My husband is disabled, confined to a wheelchair - but pretty darn independent in his chair . I am sure that many of the answers to the questions I will have here have all been answered in various different threads, my apologies and I appreciate you taking the time to read and respond to my thread . I also know I can call Princess directly and ask them some of these questions, but sometimes it's better to go to the people who have first hand knowledge or have experienced it themselves .

1. Aside from alcohol purchases, casino, excursions, bingo, specialty dinning (Sabatini's, Sterling's, Specialty Coffee Shop), etc., what other expenses should I expect on the cruise? For example, I believe the Golden has a pizzeria, and burger/hot dog grill, and ice cream bar - are those all additional $$ or included?
2. Does Princess offer drink (alcohol) cards you can purchase? For example, previously Carnival had drink coupons you could order ahead of time and use for alcohol drinks.
3. Can you put $$ ahead of time on your onboard account?
4. Does any one know if the bedding has been updated on the Golden? Can you request those egg crate padding things from Princess? It would be extremely beneficial for my hubby to have a little extra padding on the bed due to his disability.
5. We are in room (Caribe Deck I think) BA Category Room C304. If that a good deck to be on?
6. We were thinking about doing the Ultimate Balcony Dinning thing one night to celebrate our 14 wedding anniversary. Anyone have experience with that? Is it worth it? Do you tip the people that come in to do that or is it included in the general tipping charge you pay for?
7. With regards to tipping, I know this topic is debatable and a personal preference- but will ask anyways. Do I not have to worry about tipping at all until the end because of the automatic tipping charge? So, what I am really asking is do I have to worry about tipping during my days I am there each time I get food, drinks at the bar, or service, or is it really okay not worry about that and tipping because of the automatic tipping at the end?
8. With the cruise personalizer that they offer on-line, one part asks for what kind of drinks you prefer. I read somewhere that they will put a small stock of the drinks you prefer in your room once you use the cruise personalizer. Question is, are you charged by consumption of what they put in your room, or you get charged for all/whatever they put in your room?
9. I know they have a smaller room service menu, correct? Is whatever you order off of that room service menu included in the prince of the cruise? I read on another thread that she ordered coffee each morning and at the end was charged for it.
10. If I order wine from the special occassion form and ask for it to be in the room when we arrive, do they provide a wine bottle opener in the room with the wine?

I think those are all of the questions I had for now. I am really trying to save for the appropriate budget for this cruise, as you may have been able to tell from my questions. We really don't get out on too many big vacations like this. Again, I appreciate you time in reading and responding to my thread. I know I will get a response from f-mattox . He is a great resourse and has such a wealth of knowledge. Happy cruising to all of you !~