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Everything in the Cafe Promenade is free - pizza, sandwitchees, doughnuts, cookies, coffee, tea, and fruit. You will have to pay for any specialty coffee, even in the dining room. Juice is free unless you what freshly squeezed orange juice. Also, if you don't see anything on the dinner menu you have an appetite for, you can always order a steak. If you see price for steak on the menu, it's for a steak from Chops. Otherwise, there is no charge for steak.

Walkie-talkies don't always work. I bought a set at Radio Shack for $65 that got me by most of the time. Remember, there a other people with the same idea in mind, communication can get a little crowded. There are phones in different locations on the ship (like at the elevators) where you can just dial your room number.