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If you drink soda it's a good deal in seeing a can is about $2.50 plus 15% gratuity at each bar. So if you drink a few soda's a day it pays for it's self, you don't get the whole can but you get refills, as many as you may want. Some bar servers get annoyed at having to bring them to you on deck because they rather sell your a cocktail but they will do it even if it takes 20 min to arrive back at your spot. The ones behind the bar will also wait sometimes to serve you prefering the alcholic beverage customer. Others have no problem depends on the crew's mood that day. I useally find a spot and use it for the whole cruise and in seeing the bar servers never change on the first soda i get from them i add a $10 tip and there are no more issues or need to ask they just keep the cup full. Another $10 after a few days is service is good enough and a $20 in cash the last day if it was spectuclar so far it's a extra $40 bucks a week to these guys and well worth it to grease the wheels of service at times. And i order mixed drinks too so don't think i'm just a soda drinker
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