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Spending Money Question
Celebrity now allows you to put standard tips - waiter; assistant waiter; room steward etc. on your ship's credit card. If you don't want to do this, the standard total is $9.50 per passenger per day, or $133.00 for both of you for 7 days. Better round it to $150.00. We do not tip anyone else on their "suggested" list unless the assistant maitre'd has actually been helpful. This has varied a lot on different cruises, so somtimes we have done this and sometimes not. In any event you are talking a total of about $20.00 for a very good assistant maitre'd.
If you bring your own booze on board - wrap it carefully and bring your own opener.
Almost all shore shops will accept major credit cards, but bring your driver's license in case thet want a photo ID.
Since Celebrity adds the tip to all drinks, you don't need cash for bartenders or cocktail waitresses.
The comment on shipboard shops was accurate, and there are intermittent sales throughout the cruise as well with some good deals. - But all of these purchases are by ship's credit card anyway.
The casino is all cash, and the only place on the ship where you will see it. If you do't gamble, this becomes no problem. If you do - the sky is the limit!
You may want to use cash for eating and drinking on shore, and for cabs or busses in lieu of ship's tours. A good supply of singles is handy, but I doubt if you will need more than $50.00 singles for a relatively short trip.
So what do you need in total pocket cash? If you are going to charge the ship's staff tips and don't plan on major shore shopping with cash; $100.00 per shore day is plenty. You will spend $0.00 on sea days (unless you visit the casino)
And don't carry too much cash on shore at any time in any port. Your cabin will have a safe. Use it.
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