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Happy to oblige. Cannes is a tender port so keep in mind it can take a while to get ashore and you need to be back to the tender pier at least 30 min before your ship departure. You will want to take the train to Monte Carlo(MC) since its much faster than the bus. The train takes about 1:20 (give or take a few minutes). Your tender in Cannes will drop you at a pier that is in the Old port area (this is in town) from where it is about a 25 min walk to the train station. Taxis can be hard to find to do that short haul (about 1 mile) but an alternative is to grab a local bus. Personally, we love the walk since it takes you through some of the best part of Cannes. Once at the train station simply buy a ticket to MC and grab the next train (usually about one every 30 - 45 min. The information desk in the train station does have English speaking personel and you will find many folks in this part of France speak English. Once in MC you can either walk from the train station or use local buses to get around town. Keep in mind that MC is a hilly town so if you plan on going to the Palace (on a high hill) many prefer to take a bus or taxi up and perhaps walk down. Its helpful to have decent street maps of both Cannes and MC which you can find in many tour books or also download from the internet.