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Jim C and Dave have given some good points. It should not cost you extra to book with a TA. A TA is there to assist and provide service throughout the whole cruise booking. Before, during, and after. They will act on your behalf if issues arise. Many of the agents that work in the cruise lines reservations are just order takers. Their goal is to fill the ships. The majority of them haven't even been on a cruise. A good TA that specializes in cruises will give you unbiased recommendations on the pros and cons of different cruise lines. They can match you up with the right cruise line and the right ship. TA's do ship inspections, they do seminars at sea to experience the ships, they attend conferences and constantly keep updated with all the changes in the industry. TA's also can make recommendations and book your air on the airline you want, book pre/post hotels, arrange for transfers or limousines to pick you up. They can save you money over what the cruise lines would want for their "specific" hotel. Also TA's may have special pricing because of group sailings, or cruise space blocked with a host agency or consortium they may belong associated with.